The Silver Moose Story

Our story began in 2012 when we built a tiny teardrop camper to go to Hot Rod shows with friends. We had camped with the kids when they were little but hadn’t gone in almost 20 years. We fell in love with camping again and found an old run down Airstream and my wife said “You can fix that!”. We brought it home and started to renovate what would later become the Silver Moose. As we worked on it, we posted progress pictures on the Airstream Addicts page on Facebook and quickly built up quite the following. People would private message questions for advice about their builds almost daily. Many friends were made worldwide. Then one day someone messaged us from New Hampshire about repairing a couple panels on their vintage Airstream. We agreed to do the job, and Silver Moose Restorations was born. Since then, we have worked on multiple Airstreams, Shastas, and other vintage trailers. We have been featured in multiple news publications, two television news stories and have had our story viewed around the world. We love the idea of bringing these vintage beauties back to life for families to enjoy for many more generations. Each smile makes it all worth while.