1967 Shasta Compact


This 1967 Shasta Compact came up to us from Georgia. The trailer needed to be completely torn down and rebuilt. The owner had polished the exterior, and the skins were in good shape, so we were able to reuse them. We started by tearing everything down to the frame. We cleaned the frame, and painted it with a rust preventative paint. We them completely built new exterior walls, cabinetry, and a roof. We then added a shower, toilet, heat, hot water tank, air conditioning, a TV, along with the kitchen appliances. We added our own touches with lighting to give it a modern, yet nostalgic look. We then reapplied the exterior skins, windows, and door. We finished the look off with custom painted Shasta logos, as opposed to the original stickers.


Size: 10ft
Year: 1967
Make/Model: Shasta Compact